Legoland's history

Legoland is today a large chain of large theme parks, where the LEGO cliff is at the heart of all the parks experiences. The park itself is owned by Merlin Entertainments.

The first legoland park opened in Billund in 1968. At that time, the park was built by LEGO as the park was owned by LEGO.

The park featured a large exhibition of houses and townscapes made by LEGO and there were train lanes with running lanes and lakes with sailing ships. Later the park was expanded with the famous traffic school, where children could run harmlessly in small cars on a number of contiguous roads. The park was also expanded with an Indian camp and a puppet theater.

The success of the park and the fact that the LEGO gradually became a world-famous fire, meant that the interest in the park became bigger and bigger. It was instrumental in the construction of new Legoland parks in other cities throughout the world. Thus, today there are parks in:

Johor Bahru in Malaysia
Windsor in England
Günzburg in Germany
Florida in the United States
California in the United States
Dubai in United Arab Emirates
Nagoya in Japan
At the beginning of the 2000s, the LEGO Group experienced a crisis that threatened the entire existence of the company. In this connection, it was decided to sell Legoland parks to Merlin Entertainments Group. However, LEGO still has a large stake in the parks as Kirkbi, the LEGO holding company, is a co-owner of the Merlin Entertainments Group. The Kirk family, which owns LEGO, thus bought 30% of the shares in Merlin Entertainments.

Parking at Legoland

If you are staying in Billund in our Bed and Breakfast, we will definitely recommend a visit to Legoland Park. It's about. three kilometers from our Bed and Breakfast and to the main entrance of the park. Legoland offers paid parking right next to the main entrance. Depending on how long you are in the park, you may also find free parking in the center of Billund, and choose to walk just a mile to the park, saving you the cost of parking. For example, there is free parking for up to three hours at the Billund Center, and there is free parking for unlimited time at several of the city's shopping opportunities. Check out the rules for parking, as in recent years the rules have changed several places in the city.