LEGO House

What is LEGO House?

LEGO House is an active muesum, understood in the sense that there are a lot of historical experiences with the LEGO brick in the center - but almost all experiences and exhibitions allow for some kind of activity.

The house itself is 12,000 m2 and there are 25 million LEGO blocks in the house.

LEGO House is located just a few meters from where the entire LEGO story started.

Zones in LEGO House

LEGO House is divided into different zones. There is a red, green, yellow and blue zone inside and it is quite easy to see which zone you are in - and how to get to one of the other zones.

You can see more about the different zones and what is the experience of each zone on the LEGO House website:

red zone
green zone
yellow zone
blue zone

Masterpiece Gallery

The Masterpiece Gallery is an exciting and creative exhibition. There are a number of creative artists who use the LEGO brick to produce works of art, and these will be exhibited at the Masterpiece Gallery so that all the visitors to the house can see the amazing possibilities for making artworks with the LEGO brick.

The works shown are selected by LEGO House, and they will typically be exhibited for a limited period after which they will be replaced with other creative works of art. Thus, there will be opportunities for new experiences every time you visit LEGO House.

LEGO Museum

LEGO's official history museum is called History Collection.

If you have already read about LEGO's history, you might know that it all started three generations ago, and it started as a little carpenter's business just a few yards from where LEGO House is today. You can be at LEGO House and look over to the house where LEGO started as a business.

In the LEGO museum you can experience hundreds of the most famous LEGO sets - and you will probably find the box or model that you built in your childhood. It's a very special experience, and it always brings memories.

In the LEGO museum you go along a timeline and you can get a good impression of how the LEGO toy evolved over the years. The LEGO models are explored alongside a number of historical TV features about LEGO, as well as interviews with LEGO designers and small documentaries in the cinema.

Click here to see more about History Collection.